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OSMA, the largest producer of plastic piping systems in the Czech Republic, has completed the creation of a complete library of 3D and 2D models for AutoCAD and makes it available to designers and architects.

It's been a long time since the drawing software has replaced the board and the paper and made the designers a lot of work. During their development, drawing programs have gone a long way and have gradually offered users more options. Beginning with simple lines and dimensions, today, sophisticated projects with element databases in many different building professions communicate with each other on the BIM platform, everything is in 3D and can still be displayed in photographic quality.

The reason that the first OSMA product library created for AutoCAD is the fact that AutoCAD was the first extended drawing and design software to be the world's most widespread drawing program and still remains a part of many design and architectural offices. Because there have been many different breaks in AutoCAD development and the goal of OSMA is to enable the use of features as many users as possible, the decision to create elements for AutoCAD Release 14 (1998) and higher and for Autocad 2007 (2006), where it is already possible to work with dynamic blocks. At the same time, it turned out that many users preferred to work in 2D, resulting in further decisions. Today, OSMA provides 2D and 3D blocks (for R14 and higher) and dynamic 2D and 3D blocks (for Auto34097.53Kč and higher) in Czech, English and German.

The OSMA library for AutoCAD includes:

HT system - basic piping made of polypropylene, resistant to high temperatures and chemical loads

· Skolan dB - pipes and fittings made of mineral-filled polypropylene, with the ability to significantly reduce noise intensity

· KG system - pipes made of non-softened PVC ring stiffness SN4

· KG 2000 - polypropylene pipes and fittings resistant to boiling water and light effects

· RV system - shaft bottom and polypropylene street gullies with high circular stiffness

For the ever-increasing popularity of designers and architects to leverage existing libraries of existing building components, and because of the increasing data and functionality requirements of BIM elements, OSMA pays great attention to this type of technical support. In addition, the BIM platform is not only popular, but also increasingly required, even being said to be part of EU building legislation in the future. That's why OSMA is already working on a library for other architectural software and is currently coming up with a new family library for Revit - HT-System PLUS and KG PVC.

You can download these library items in the DOCUMENTS section, accessible to registered partners HERE.

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