Manufacturing process

The manufacturing equipment of Gebr. Ostendorf - OSMA zpracování plastů, s.r.o., the largest producer of plastic piping systems for indoor and outdoor sewage in the Czech Republic, consists of injection moulds and extrusion presses, which are capable of processing more than 7,000 tons of polypropylene and PVC per year. The final products are sewage and effluent pipes and fittings.


This is the place where our injection moulding machinery and extrusion presses manufacture HT pipes of all dimensions; these pipes are designed for completion of indoor sewage piping. The hallmark of the product is its grey colour. The principal manufacturing material is polypropylene. In 2005, the OSMA company installed two new, state-of-the-art injection moulding machines for manufacturing the HT fittings; this has greatly increased both the plant efficiency and quality of our products.




From the technology point of view, the production of the HT and KG piping systems is largely identical (with both systems variable and compatible in the given diameter); however, they do differ in certain aspects. There are vast differences in these products. While the HT System range is suitable for piping projects inside buildings, the KG System products (pipes and fittings) are designed for underground sewage systems, drains, effluent mains, etc. The pipes and fittings of the KG System can also be easily identified thanks to their distinct, bright orange colour.


The OSMA company operates more than 2,000 sq. m of indoor warehousing area and approximately 20,000 sq. m of hardstand; this allows us to build sufficient stock of nearly 1,000 item types. Having such area at our disposal increases the flexibility and rapid response for addressing our customers' wishes and needs. All of the processes are controlled by a computer so that the manufacturing halls receive timely information as to the items that are to be shipped out, i.e., to be manufactured for re-stocking.




Our Quality Assurance laboratory verifies all the inputs and outputs of the manufacturing process. Moreover, the entire system has been certified for export into a number of countries across Europe. Quality Assurance of our production also requires that we verify the raw materials, which we have been purchasing from our proven partners on standard delivery terms for many years. The raw materials are, in part, produced in the Czech Republic (Spolana Neratovice, a.s.) and in EU countries. PVC powder, granulated stabilisers, colouring agents, chalk and other input materials are initially stored in storage hoppers. Precisely measured charges are subsequently transported into the daily hopper from which they continue further into the manufacturing process.